Wyandotte County Ethnic Festival


Why This Year Is a Special Year!

       "Our Spring 2020 festival had to be rescheduled to September 18, 2021, due to COVID-19.  The Coronavirus pandemic was a tragic period for many in our county, the country and the world.  It is amazing that a small virus can change so many things, yet bring us together to do the right thing for each other, to protect one another, to demonstrate our fragility in nature, and to make true our common denominator for a safe place to live, clean food and water, health care, and above all peace. 

       Yes, this is a celebration of our ethnic and multicultural diversity in Wyandotte County, Kansas and surrounding counties.  We are about Equity and Inclusion.  We are brothers and sisters looking for our place at the table of brotherhood.  The WyCo Ethnic Festival is the place to find that welcoming table.  By inviting the Beloved Community to share in this day, we open up the community we share to the possibility of solidarity and justice and peace.  There is no greater way to spread the vision of agape love than by practicing it in our daily lives, and encouraging our one human family members to pass it forward to everyone we meet." 

 --   Curtis Smith and Karen Hernandez, June 2021.

Many Countries + Many Ethnicities = One Human Family

"We all came on a separate ship but now were on the same boat"...Martin Luther King.