Wyandotte County Ethnic Festival


Wyandotte County Ethnic Festival Registration Form


A Human Family Reunion

Registration Form

Saturday, April 15th, 2023: 11:00 - 5:30 P.M.; or April 16th 12-5 p.m. at the KCKCC-TEC 

Free Admission and Free Booth for Ethnic & Community Organizations

Nationality/Ethnicity/Group Represented____________________________________

Contact Person____________________________________________________________



     The mission of the WYCO Ethnic Festival is to foster a climate of inclusiveness, promote relationships and contact between people, and educate each other about our common humanity. We want to meet our neighbors who live, work, attend schools or colleges here, or have ties to Wyandotte County.  If you request a booth, we ask that at least one representative live, work, or attend school in Wyandotte County.  Please place a check mark next to any of the following venues your ethnic group or organization would be interested in:

1. ______  One free display booth for display of educational ethnic artifacts, clothes etc.   Please bring any additional tables, chairs, umbrella, tent, or tablecloth you may desire.

2. _______ One food booth.  Only food prepared in licensed commercial kitchen (church or business) is allowed. Call if you have questions. Food must already be prepared and kept at the appropriate temperature (see next page for requirements).  Foods should be kept hot with sterno and appropriate catering equipment. If you are bringing cold food please bring a cooler with ice to keep it cold. No alcoholic beverages may be brought on campus. Food tables and Ethnic Display tables are not located together. Be sure to charge and report the current tax rate. You must be a licensed Kansas food vendor.  

3._________Entertainment  music groups, choir, dance, singers, etc.  Be sure and list how you want your entertainment booking to read in the program_________________________________

What is your preferred time for performance?  ______________

We will notify you by email and on the website within seven days prior to the event about your scheduled time for performance.  Each group will receive $50 as a token of gratitude at at the festival.

Please join us in this special multi-cultural event!

Email: [email protected] your registration and check for food booth 

by April 1, 2023 to: 

Dr. Curtis V. Smith, 

6405 Gladstone Dr. 

Shawnee, Kansas 66218      

Food Safety

The Food Court is located straight ahead as you come into the doors of the Athletic Field House.  The Kansas Department of Agriculture has strict guidelines for food safety. The State requires us to follow guidelines listed for temporary food establishments. We must be in compliance with the Kansas Food Code.  To this end students enrolled in Nutrition and Microbiology classes at the college may be assigned to monitor the rules using thermometers to check appropriate food temperatures and proper aseptic technique.   

The following rules apply:

  • Wash hands in the sink provided in food court area or in the nearby restrooms. 
  • Throw away any food that lands on the floor. 
  • Food should be above 135ºF and cold foods below 41ºF. 
  • Reheat all foods to 165ºF. 
  • No sick food handlers
  • No bare hand contact

Remember foodborne illness is not a menu item!    Enjoy the Festival.   

All applicants are subject to approval by the WYCO Ethnic Festival Board