Wyandotte County Ethnic Festival


  • 2023 WyCo Ethnic Festival Food Vendors
  • Located in the Lobby Entrance of the Tech Ed Center
  • Menus Available - Pay by cash only
  • There is a debit card for cash machine in the lobby 
  • All food vendors covered by Kansas food license - Inspection K.D.A. Shana Guyton
  • Free bottled water provided by Advance America
  • Coffee and teas sold by Enactus - KCKCC Business Students - Professor Allen Lenoir

1.     Kenyan Cuisine - Andrea Kahn

2.     German Cuisine - Scott Kelly  

3.     Naturally Designed - Organic Foods (Behalf of 2018 RJ Foundation) - Carolyn Marks 

4.     BisYan Catering (Gambia) Haddy Sallah

5.     Hmong Asian Cuisine - Amee Her

6.     Mexican Fiesta - Rose Marie Mendez 

7.     Malaysian Cuisine - Siew Lau 

8.     Enactus - KCKCC Business Professor Alphonse Mendy and his students will be providing coffee        and tea for sale.  


Special Thanks to KCKCC Campus Police, KCKCC Facilities Services people Chris Gardner, Billy Powell, Zachary Slater, and Lulio Alfonso, Nela Bruner - KCKCC Coordinator of Room Facilities, all the people at KCKCC Media Services, Pam Hall Faculty at the Wellness Center for working the entrance table, and all the energizing KCKCC student volunteers.  

2023  Cultural and Ethnic Booths


This "overflow room" is located behind the multipurpose room.  Artists will be displaying their work for sale in this area and there will be art projects, henna and face painting activities for children.  Restrooms are located right outside in the hallway.  Parents will be asked to sign in and stay with their children in this space.  A screen will be set up to watch the entertainment occurring at the festival in this room.  Henna artist Kaushika Panchal will be available for the day. She will also have a booth displaying her inspired art decor.  Gene Hernandez of Imagine Magic Productions will be on hand to make wonderful artistic balloons for the children. Shai Perry, Curator of Campus Art Committee will be there to work with students, along with the KCKCC Student Art Club also be in this room. Students of Dr. Hira Nair, Director of Education at KCKCC will be available to work with the children.  Advance America will provide 75 art kits for children. 

Stamps From Around the World

At the entrance children will be given a sheet of paper to collect stamps 

from culture and craft booth representatives.  

Art Booths

1. KCKCC Student Art Club - Victoria Rojas representing the students; Clint Ricketts - Assistant Professor of Humanities; and Shai Perry, Curator for the KCKCC Art Gallery, and Adjunct Art Professor. 

2. Kaushika Panchal - henna artist and henna inspired art and decor.  

3. Vania Soto - painter, muralist, and gallery owner  


Founder Booths  

4.    Martin Luther King Exhibit "Our Beloved Community"- Karen Hernandez

5.    Quindaro Museum - Tony and Barbara Hope 

       & Quindaro National Historic Landmark Project -Luther Smith  

6.    Wyandot Nation of Kansas Anna Brown, Kristen Zane, Chief Judith Manthei, & Louisa Libby

7.    Delaware Tribe - Chief (former) Bonnie Clark  

8.    Wyandotte County Museum, Historical Society, and Journal - Amy Loch, Kevin Steele, Bill Hutton, Loren Taylor, David and Rebecca Meditz 

9.     KCKCC Foundation and Alumni Association - Mary Spangler

10.   KCKCC ESOL - Dan Fitzgerald and Michelle Overholt

11.   Unified Government of Wyandotte County / Human Services - Yer Her and Krystal McFeders

Community Booths

12.     Visit Kansas City Kansas - Alan Carr, Celeste Lupercio, Camber McDonald, and Abigail Harlan

13.     Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office - Captain Michael Kroening - U.S. Color Guard

14.     Turner Animal Hospital - Tara McConkey 

15.     Advance America - Manny Requenes, KCK Branch Manager (providing free water bottles in the lobby!)

16.     CenterWell Senior Primary Care - Te' Amber Hodge, MPA

17.     Essential Bodywear - Michelle Perez 

24. 18.     Scentsy - Regina Esteban

15  19.     Healthy Lifetime Products - Catherine Durham (former KCKCC Trustee)

      20.     Grace Family Acupuncture - Dr. Grace Gong 

      21.     Big Brothers and Big Sisters - Milca Aguirre, Community Outreach Coordinator 

      22.     Cetusa - Anita Sass

      23.     International Relations Commission - Matthew Hughes & Dan Fitzgerald 

      24.     Kansas State School for the Blind - Lydia Knopp

25.     Grinter Place Friends - Louise Crable (open 10-5 W-S)

26.     Strawberry Hill Museum - Jo Beth Nastav and Max Grisnik (open S & S for 12, 1, 2 and 3 p.m. tours)

27.     Global Ties Kansas City - Courtney Brooks 

28.     Kansas City Scholars - Great Jobs K.C. - Anta' Williams      

29.     Equality Kansas - Thomas Alonzo   

30.     Kansas Natural Resources Conservation Service - Salefu Tuvalu Solia ("Sa") 

31.     Midwest Genealogy Center - Kayla Hopkins  

32.     WyCo West Library - Linda Wolford 

33.     Ethnic Enrichment Commission - Andrea Smith & Marti Wilson 

34.     American Foreign Service - James Wilson   

                                                           Cultural and Crafts Booths 

35.   Nigeria and KCKCC Students for Global Peace & the Henry Louis Center Dr. Ewa Unoke  

36.   Croatia - Dr. Judy Vogelsang 

37.   Mexico - Rose Marie Mendez3 

38.   Laos / Hmong Culture - Amee Her   

39.   Republic of China Taiwan - Hoi Kei Au 

40.   Italy - Curtis Vinicio Smith, Ph.D. and Judy Alexander-Smith 

41.   Israel - Deborah O' Bannon 

42.   Germany - (desserts!) Cindy Pearson   

43.   Kenya - Carole Irangi 

44.   Ukraine - Irene Thompson 

45.   Tajikistan - Darayu Boltaeva 

46.   Indonesia - Marti Wilson   

47.   Lithuania - Baltic Amber - Kate Porterfield and Sally Dannov  

48.   Peoples Republic of China (Chinese Crafts) - Christine Lau

49.   Gambia - Alphonse Mendy

50.   India - Dr. Hira Nair 

51.   Malaysia - Siew Lau