Wyandotte County Ethnic Festival


Welcome to the Wyandotte County Ethnic Festival

A "Human Family Reunion"
to build our "Beloved Community"
and "Reclaim Our Common Humanity"

We hope 2021 will be the 15th Annual Wyandotte County Ethnic Festival 

Our back up date for the festival, Saturday, April 10, 2021  11-5:30 p.m., has been cancelled.  We are going to reschedule for sometime in September, or early October as an outdoor event.  We all hope that the new Covid-19 vaccine works well enough that the people of Wyandotte County in particular have reached a safe level of immunity to enjoy this festival.  We must allow time for performance groups to practice as well.  We will let you if there are further changes in date and time!!!  stay healty beloved community!

Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC)
Indoors at the KCKCC Athletic Field House
7250 State Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas 66110

Free Entrance and Free Parking -  Open to the Public 
Free Mint Tea and Filtered Water 
Children's Corner with face painting and balloons 

Over 1,000 people attend this one day festival each year to celebrate the beauty of human diversity while at the same time recognizing our common humanity.  The festival is in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King's dream of making connections with all members of our human family.  The mission of the festival is to foster a climate of inclusiveness promoting relationships and contact among all people.  We all love our own cultural traditions and witness how others would come to love theirs.  In this way we can all have one day to be on display and acknowledge that yes, we are one "Beloved Community" learning how to live more peacefully together. 

There will be ten different types of ethnic foods at (*cash only) food booths at the entrance of the festival and over 60 ethnicities, countries, local organizations, and vendors.  It is a wonderful educational event for people of any age.  It is way to travel around the world without leaving the Dotte!  Our main sponsors are KCKCC and United Government of Wyandotte County Department of Human Services.  There will be at least 15 performance groups including Hmong Dancers, and Chin Traditional Bamboo Dance as well as traditional performances by Mexico, Scotland, China, India, Ireland, Morocco, Peru, Germany, and Panama.  Live music performances include a Croatian Orchestra, a Serbian Choir, folk music, and an ever popular gospel choir.  

Starting in 2011 two people in the community are honored each year as Legends of Diversity. The individuals selected make a concerted effort to work together with a variety of people on a variety of concerns, measures, and issues to benefit the community.  
2011 -  Loren Taylor and Pat Adams
2012 -  Ed Grisnik and Chester Owens
2013 -  Helen Folsom and Carol Levers
2014 -  Karen Hernandez and Melanie Scott
2015 -  Janith English - Kamiasha Tyner
2016 -  Irene Caudillo and Alvin Sykes
2017 -  Barbara Clark-Evans and Dr. Eyyup Esen
2018 -  Dr. Ewa Unoke and Ed Chasteen  
2019 -  Dr. Hira Nair and Gordon Criswell
2020 -  cancelled on account of COVID-19

The Board of Wyandotte County Ethnic Festival Inc is President and former KCKCC Trustee Karen Hernandez, Vice-President and Master of Ceremonies Clarence Small; Treasurer and KCKCC Professor of Biology Dr. Curtis V. Smith,  Director of the KCKCC Intercultural Center Barbara Clark-Evans, Curator of the  KCKCC Art Gallery Shai Perry, Professor of Education Dr. Hira Nair 

We look forward to seeing you at the festival!  Peace and Agape Love!